April 25, 2018 at 5:23 PM

Cycling on Wolfe Island

Cycling on Wolfe Island

Rent a bike and take the 20 minute ride on the ferry to Wolfe Island. Cycle the flat country roads and make your way to Big Sandy Bay. The island is 20 kilometres across, so this bike ride will take you about an hour and a half from the terminal. Stop at Fargo's corner store at the intersection as you get off the ferry and get all the provisions you will need for the bike ride. We can give you a basket to put on the back rack to carry all the goodies. Walk the kilometre long beach and go for a swim in the pristine Lake Ontario water.

If this route seems too daunting, take Route 2 "The Head" (yellow signs). This 28 km loop will take you along the Northwest corner of the island with the option of taking a cable ferry over to Simcoe Island.

Feeling adventurous? Cycle Route 1 "The Foot" (red signs). This meandering 54 km loop will take you to Quebec Head, passing numerous windmills and getting a real sense of the rural nature on the largest of the Thousand Islands.

Now back to Mallorytown, but before you catch the ferry ride back to Kingston, reward yourself with Slickers Ice Cream from The County served up at Cafe Tenango. One last stop not to be missed is the only true waterfront licensed patio with amazing food. Lock you bike up out front and enjoy the Wolfe Island Grill.

Wolfe Island Ferry Times

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