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Sailing rentals

Choose among the following dinghies that Ahoy Rentals has available for rent.  Sailing certification is not mandatory, but prior sailing experience on these types of sailboats is essential. 

One experienced sailor is required for each boat, unless you are taking out the larger Hobie 18, in which case two experienced sailors are required. No exceptions.  If you are unsure about your skill level, give us a call and we can discuss.  We would be more than happy to arrange a one-hour refresher course for you, to improve your confidence, safety, and enjoyment.  Our staff rig and launch all sailboats at the nearby launch ramp; however, you are responsible for landing, dropping sails, and hauling out the boat and returning it to Ahoy Rentals.  We will give you instructions on how to do this.  If you are unfamiliar with the sailing area, we will give you a short briefing using the nautical chart we have posted on the wall.  Lifejackets and all mandatory safety equipment are included.

Rental Rates
  First Hour
    Full Day
      4.5 hrs
       $40  $6 /15min        $125

Block of 10 Hours of sailing $200, valid for 2 years.
Block of 20 Hours of sailing $350, valid for 2 years.
Prices in Canadian Dollars
HST and all safety equipment included.

Minimum one hour rental, the second hour is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.  
Hourly Rentals start from when you made your reservation, so plan on arriving at least 15 minutes beforehand.  If you walk in to rent a boat, rental times start from when we launch you.
Full Day Rentals are over 5 hours within our operating times for that day.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Hourly Rentals
: Reservations are not required for hourly rentals, but we recommend one if you are renting on a summer weekend.   Should you choose to reserve your sailboat, we will require prepayment of the first hour via our online reservation system.  No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours, a 25%  fee will be applied to cancellations greater than 48 hours.

Full Day Rentals: Reservations for full day rentals require full payment via our online reservations system.   No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours, a 25%  fee will be applied to cancellations greater than 48 hours.  Rentals will be cancelled if weather conditions are unsafe for sailing.  In this case, full refunds will be given.

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Hobie 18:

This catamaran handles well over a wide range of conditions.  It will point a bit higher than its asymmetrical cousin, although it is a bit wetter in heavy winds because the trampoline is closer to the water.  It is built like a tank, and will stand up well to as much wind as you are comfortable sailing.  The tall bows make it very difficult to “pitch pole” and it is a much smoother ride than the smaller Hobies.

Length: 18’ or 5.5 m
Beam: 8’ or 2.4 m
Draft: 0.6’ or 0.2 m to 2.5’ or 0.8 m
Sail Area: 240 sq. ft.  or 22. 3 sq. m

Experienced Sailors Required: 2
Capacity: 4 Adults (varies with wind conditions)
Number in fleet: 1

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Hobie Cat Wave:

This boat is designed for all types of sailors. It is easy to sail, and is a very comfortable and stable catamaran.  A large, fully-battened mainsail (no boom) provides plenty of power without being complicated.  The Hobie Wave will move fast in a breeze, but will never feel unstable; the hulls will plow into the waves and slow you down without a “pitch pole”.  It’s easy enough for one person to handle on a windy day, or to take out with a couple of friends.

Length: 13’ or 4 m
Beam: 7’ or 2.1 m
Draft: 11” or 0.28 m
Sail Area: 95 sq. ft.  or 8.8 sq. m

Experienced Sailors Required: 1
Capacity: 4 Adults (Varies with wind conditions)
Number in fleet: 1

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Topper Topaz Uno Plus:

The Topaz hull offers outstanding stability, and masses of built-in buoyancy.  This  ensures that the two sailors can enjoy perfect handling without the boat taking on water over the transom.  The Topaz provides far more space than any other small sailboat around. Its high boom, center toe strap and uncluttered and curvaceous self-draining cockpit, the Topaz is extremely roomy and comfortable. Ideal for instruction.

Length: 12’ 6” or 3.86 m
Beam: 4’ 8” or 1.45 m
Sail Area: 79.5 sq. ft. or 7.39 sq. m.

Experienced Sailors Required: 1
Capacity: 2 Adults (varies with wind conditions)

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Hunter 140:

The Hunter 140 is a fabulous family sailing dinghy.  A wide beam keeps the boat stable and dry, while its planing hull allows it to really move.  Suitable for beginner to experienced sailors.  Ideal for instruction.

Length: 14’ or 4.3 m
Beam: 5’ 10” or 1.8 m
Draft: 3’ or 0.9 m
Sail Area: 107 sq. ft. or 9.9 sq. m

Experienced Sailors Required: 1
Capacity: 4 Adults (varies with wind conditions)
Number in Fleet: 1

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The Mistral 4.04 is a sporty 2 person boat which is similar to a 420 or Laser 2, fast and stable. Suitable for the more experienced sailor, looking for an exciting time on the water.
  Length: 13.25 ft or 4.03 m
  Beam: 49' or 0.15m
  Draft: 3.6 ft or 1.1m 
  Sail Aread: 100 sq. ft or 9.29 sq. m 

  Experienced Sailors Required: 1 
  Capacity: 2-3 Adults 
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Laser 1:

The laser is a very popular recreational boat because it is extremely responsive, fast and fun for sailors who are reasonably athletic and skilled.  The size of the laser sail requires the weight of a full-sized adult to ballast and balance the boat to prevent capsize.  In the event of a capsize, it is a very simple boat to right.

Length: 13.8’ or 4.2 m
Beam: 4.56’ or 1.39 m
Draft: 2.62’ or 0.80 m
Sail Area (Full Rig): 75.99 sq. ft. or 7.06 sq. m.
Sail Area (Radial): 62 sq. ft. or 5.72 sq. m.

Experienced Sailors Required: 1
Capacity:  1 Adult
Number in Fleet: 2 (1 Full Rig and 1 Radial)

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