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23 Ontario St. Kingston, ON Canada

Kayak rentals

$15 First Hour (minimum)
$8 each additional hour
$45 Full Day
$175 Weekly  

Prices include HST and all safety equipment.  Minimum one hour rental; the second hour is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.  Full day means a 24-hour period from the pick-up time, during Ahoy Rentals operating hours, the same applies to weekly rentals.  Rental times start from when you made your reservation, so plan on arriving at least 15 minutes beforehand.  If you walk in to rent a boat, rental times start from when we launch you.

Reservation and Cancelation Policy

Hourly Rentals: 
Reservations are not required for hourly rentals, but we recommend one if you are renting on a summer weekend.   We can reserve a boat for you over the phone, we will hold your boat for 15 minutes.

Full Day Rentals: Reservations for full day rentals require a cedit card, please call us with your information.  If you send us an email reservation, we will need a credit card, if you do not provide us with this, we will not be able to hold your boat.  Any cancelation within 24 hours or "no show" will result in a full daily charge to your card.

Inuvik Recreational kayak

ClearWaterDesign Inuvik Recreational kayak is our most popular rental kayak.  The stable design and large cockpit make entry and exit very easy.  Well-suited for large loads and rough water, this kayak is perfect for both beginner and experienced kayakers.

Length: 13’
Width: 28”
Weight: 49 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 51” X 18”
Capacity: 350 lbs.

Number in fleet: 12

Iqaluit Recreational kayak

ClearWaterDesign Iqaluit Recreational kayak is a very stable kayak with a large cockpit making entry and exit very easy.  More streamlined than the Inuvik, this boat glides through the water with ease.  Perfect for small to mid-sized paddlers.

Length: 11’ 8”
Width: 27”
Weight: 46 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 50” X 18”
Capacity: 275 lbs.

Number in fleet: 2

Muskoka recreational day touring kayak

ClearWaterDesign Muskoka Recreational Day Touring kayak is stable like a recreational kayak but fast and sleek like a touring kayak. The spacious cockpit allows for lots of legroom. This is a small sporty kayak, suited for small to medium sized paddlers.

Length: 11’ 8”
Width: 28”
Weight: 45 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 32” X 16”
Capacity: 275 lbs.

Number in fleet: 2

Algonquin Day Touring kayak

ClearWaterDesign Algonquin Day Touring kayak has a large cockpit suited for tall paddlers giving them extra legroom.  Complete with a rudder system which allows steering with your feet, this kayak tracks well and is fast through the water.

Length: 13’ 9”
Width: 25”
Weight: 53 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 35” X 19”
Capacity: 300 lbs.

Number in fleet: 2

Gaspe touring kayak

ClearWaterDesign Gaspe Touring kayak has a hard chine hull and is slightly larger than the St. Lawrence, with extra carrying capacity.  Rudder system for foot controlled steering, very stable with great tracking and fast through the water.  Forward and aft sealed compartments for storage make this an ideal kayak for extended camping trips up the Rideau Canal Heritage Route.

Length: 16’
Width: 25”
Weight: 56 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 32’ X 16”
Capacity: 350 lbs.

Number in fleet: 2

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